Quality is at no cost compromised and as a business house in production and distribution of IMFL Liquor, PML Liquor, Protein Concentrates, Starch & its Derivatives. It is socially responsible to maintain high standards and practice above the professed standards for quality management.

As the Company ventures into an export oriented manufacturing unit for Protein, Starch & Derivatives, TQM (Total Quality Management) is structured as a whole new way for success. A lot of investment has gone into research and establishment of an explicit Quality Control Section manned by finest experts in the field.

Through a highly automated and controlled process it is made sure that every stage starting from procurement of raw material to the stage of finished goods, the standards are enforced and maintained. The in-process quality control is attained through the instrumentation, which control temperature, pressure, density, flow and (pH) automatically.

The laboratory is fully equipped with latest equipments to check the product specification. Utmost care is taken of purity, hygiene and nutrition so that the yield is healthy.

Pioneering continues………………………
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