R&D Performance

Over the years Pioneer Industries Limited has always strived to provide world-class products to its esteemed customers by applying cutting edge technology, through its R&D team. The R&D team with its breadth of continual experience and depth of technical expertise always provide economically viable solutions and provide us the first mover advantage and seize new business opportunities.

Recently our R&D team had been credited in developing Hydrolyzed Wheat Gluten through an enzymatic process. The future projects taken up by R&D team are:

Bran Fractionation: Brans are packed with nutrition, and offers many dietary benefits. The nutritional benefits of cereal brans are mainly undisputed, bran is beneficial toward providing digestive regularity and ending constipation because it is very high in dietary fiber.

Bran Fractionation is worldwide fully developed novel technology by which one can produce various marketable end products such as Insoluble dietary fiber, Germ rich protein, Glucose syrup, prebiotic products like oligosaccharide and soluble Xylans, which have huge demands in foreign and domestic market due its high nutritive value. Due to its high nutritive value it will fetch good value in the market which subsequently lead to high profitability and increase in farm income.

High temperature and osmotic pressure tolerance yeast: Yeast plays a vital role in fermentation. The R&D team is developing new variant of yeast which will be able to ferment at very harsh processing parameter and increase the overall productivity.
Pioneering continues………………………
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