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Pioneer Industries Limited is committed to innovation and technological up-gradation, enabling the organization to launch many new products. It has many 'firsts' to its credit.

Pioneer Industries Limited products include Wheat Protein (Vital Wheat Gluten), Extra Neutral Alcohol, Startch Derivatives (Liquid Glucose, Maltodextrin Powder and High Maltose Syrup).

Paving its way through the established brands of Punjab Medium Liquor, Pioneer has carved a few distinct brands of PML made from the finest Extra Neutral Alcohol extracted from Indian grains with an essence of choicest fruit flavors as Orange, Raspberry, etc. All the brands of PML are available in Pet as well as in Glass Bottles in 750ml, 375ml and 150ml sizes.
Chakde WhiskyTM is a refined Whisky, which gives its consumers a refined taste.
Pioneering continues………………………
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